Barbara J. Perino Inc.

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    Barbara J Perino Inc. guides high performing business leaders to really embody the importance of leading with a vision, modeling the values of the company and enabling others to act. She works with leaders and their teams to open up better lines of communication, breaking through blockages and bridging the gaps between five generations in the workplace. Barbara J Perino, Inc. conducts workshops for companies on topics such as corporate wellness, work/life balance, stress management, awareness of multi-generations in the workplace and effective communication. As the impartial third party, she effectively facilitates staff meetings to bring clarity and purpose to meetings. Barbara also facilitates strategic planning sessions using the SOAR model, for actionable sustainable growth and change management.
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Executive Coaching and Facilitator

What Are Barbara J. Perino Inc.’s Services & Solutions?

Barbara J. Perino Inc. offers Executive & Team Coaching. Barbara J. Perino is an Expert Facilitator and Speaker. Barbara J. Perino Inc. specializes in Elevating executives and their teams to higher levels of professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction.

How is Barbara J. Perino Inc. Truly Unique?

  • Twenty-one years in the mortgage industry, eight in an executive coaching capacity.
  • Completed quality coach training and certification programs from accredited coaching school
  • Reputation for building strong relationships.
  • Elevating the value of people and relationships within companies, particularly relevant now as processes, technology, matrix management and cost efficiency are such high priorities and companies are being forced to do more with less.
  • I create a confidential, individually-tailored engagement designed to meet the needs of both of the executive/team being coached and the organization as a whole.
  • My style of coaching creates an ongoing relationship enabling clients to achieve fulfilling results in their professional lives and enhance their quality of life.  Coaching accelerates progress by providing greater focus and awareness. It concentrates on where the client is now and where they want to be.

How Does Barbara J. Perino Inc. Add Value?

The mortgage industry has been knocked down and drastically changed over the past four years and is trying to revitalize itself, be guided and directed by government agencies and is working hard at polishing its reputation. Coaching allows leaders to embrace these changes, create new strategies and empower their teams and relationships in the process. Coaching allows for silos to be broken down, clearer communication to be created and action/accountability to be implemented.

What’s Next for Barbara J. Perino Inc That Lenders Should Know?

  • Webinars as an ongoing follow up tool to support the changes being made from corporate wellness workshops to team development programs.
  • Management coaching – guiding managers to be better leaders

We aim to:

* Clarify and focus on critical goals

* Improve decision making

* Increase ability to prioritize

* More successfully work with colleagues, co-workers, teams and subordinates

* Fine-tune presentation skills

* Learn to manage time and tasks more effectively

* Remove blocks to action (4342)