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    Calyx Software is the #1 provider of affordable mortgage solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers, offering integrated products that work together with logical flow and features that complement their business processes. Mortgage professionals have trusted Calyx for over 20 years and depend on us to provide solutions that help them thrive in a complicated, heavily regulated industry. Calyx keeps clients up to date on compliance and is responsive to the evolving technology needs of growing businesses. With free support and training to unlimited users, Calyx is dedicated to provide the software and the tools that mortgage professionals need to succeed. Calyx offers clients complete end-to-end automated mortgage loan processing; logical and user-friendly screen flow; compliance and security for all processes and loan documents; built-in reporting for compliance at no extra charge; flexibility and customization; knowledgeable technical support and customer service; and professional installation and no-cost training services.
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The Nation’s Leading LOS

What Are Calyx Software’s Services & Solutions?

Beginning with customizable websites that offer online mortgage applications with eDisclosures and document request/retrieval, Calyx offers products that enable smooth bi-directional flow of data from start to finish.  Our solid yet flexible LOS delivers smart technology with electronic document management, back-end functionality such as underwriting and secondary marketing, strong security, remote access and a configurable business rules engine needed for workflow and compliance.

Convenient interfaces with over 200 vendors providing PPE, closing documents, compliance services and more make end-to-end processing and reporting simple and accurate. Lenders can take advantage of Calyx’s fully integrated automated underwriting and pricing products that determine loan eligibility and pricing against investor or FHA guidelines. Complimentary support and online training are included with all Calyx products.

How is Calyx Software Truly Unique?

Calyx solutions are unique in their legendary ease-of-use combined with sophisticated technology that works they way mortgage professionals do. With Calyx you get remarkable functionality with integrated systems that work seamlessly together in an easy-to-use, easy-to configure, workflow. Their flexibility gives administrators/users of the products complete control over their own business & compliance processes instead of dictating a certain flow.
Calyx also offers free technical support to unlimited users of current accounts so that clients always get the help they need, when they need it.  Besides day time call-in hours, Calyx provides 24 hour online support with technical articles, instructional videos, and social media postings that offer countless tips and other assistance with Calyx products.

How Does Calyx Software Add Value?

Seamless integration between systems gives lenders the configurable workflow they need to define their processes in an end-to-end system.

Combining our award-winning LOS with the Calyx Decisioning Systems suite of products gives lenders the tools they need to run their business at a fraction of the cost when compared to more convoluted systems.

Calyx screens are easy to follow with the logical flow and bi-directional auto-population that saves lenders time they can spend on other revenue-generating activities. Training new employees on the easy-to-use systems makes on-boarding fast and efficient with little downtime.

What’s Next for Calyx Software that Lenders Should Know?

Lenders will be pleased to learn that Mobile Apps will be available in November for on-the-go, anytime productivity.  With the release of Point and PointCentral 8.0, clients are primed mobile apps with the ability to start new applications or check on specific loans or their entire pipeline using their cellular network.  Synchronization with Point and PointCentral is fast and no sensitive data is stored on users’ phones.

They can also expect to see a new cloud-based LOS system designed just for them coming in early 2013. Path offers an analytical and decision-support tool to help improve performance, develop market share, and mitigate risks in domains such as compliance and sustainability on top of a state-of-the-art origination platform.

Calyx continues to launch products in response to and anticipation of client needs for an ever-changing industry.

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