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    Compliance Systems, Inc., (CSi) is a highly respected provider of best-in-class financial transaction technology and expertise specializing in compliantly documenting financial transactions while mitigating the risk surrounding those transactions. CSi's remarkable solutions are sought after for helping institutions meet demanding transaction needs for Deposit, Consumer (including Home Equity) and Commercial Lending, Mortgage Lending, Individual Retirement Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts lines of business. As a trusted partner we document transactions compliantly, minimize the applicable enterprise-wide risks, and reduce resource expenditures so that institutions can focus on their business and bottom line.
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Remarkable Transactions. Remarkable Partner.

What Are CSi’ Services & Solutions?

CSi IntelleDoc Solutions deliver remarkable transactions. As your trusted partner we document your transactions compliantly, minimize the applicable enterprise-wide risks, and reduce your resource expenditures so that you can focus on your business and your bottom line.

CSi IntelleDoc Solutions provide a system for assembling documents based on information about the specific transaction. Our seamless application of industry knowledge, business logic, compliance rules, and leading document technologies has transformed how documentation is prepared.

All components of the IntelleDoc Solutions suite are designed to work together as a complete documentation system. The built-in compliance of CSi IntelleDocsmeans that information about a transaction is validated as it is entered so that accurate documents are assembled. The result: perfected transaction documentation for all your key business lines, including Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA, home equity, commercial and consumer lending, deposit and IRA/HSA/ESA accounts.

CSi IntelleDoc Solutions for Deposit Accounts

CSi IntelleDoc Solutions for Tax-Favored Accounts—IRAs, HSAs, and Coverdell ESAs

CSi IntelleDoc Solutions for Consumer Lending

CSi IntelleDoc Solutions for Commercial Lending

CSi IntelleDoc Solutions for Mortgage Lending

Advanced Technology


IntelleDoc technology provides powerful document configurability that allows you to quickly and easily design documents to reflect the specific requirements of your institution. Each document functions as a software application that you control, with language adaptable to suit your institution’s environment. When you need to maintain those products and policies or create variations for new products, you do so at your convenience. Your documents, and the language they contain, are yours to configure

Transactional Analysis

IntelleDoc technology provides institutions with sophisticated transactional analysis. By evaluating the various entities engaged in the transaction and the specific deposit or lending parameters, IntelleDoc technology ensures that all required data is present for the transaction. It validates correct data, identifies redundant and conflicting data, and relates entities and collateral with the relevant documents so that institutions mitigate risk at the root level of the transaction. Based on this analysis, IntelleDoc technology automatically selects the required documents, whether for loan origination, account opening, or account maintenance.

Custom Documents

The configurable nature of IntelleDocs significantly reduces the need for custom documents. In instances where a custom document is required that is unique to your institution, IntelleDoc technology provides an end-to-end solution that allows you to manage an inventory of customized CSi static documents as well as your own dynamic and static custom documents. Reusable components like signature sections, headers, and footers can be easily dropped into documents, and transaction-specific content dynamically interacts with standard language to ensure smooth text flow. Selection logic that you control determines the association of your custom documents with the appropriate transaction scenarios.

How is CSi Truly Unique?

Based on CSi’s experience and acceptance in the market, CSi IntelleDoc Solutions are by far the most comprehensive enterprise-wide documentation and risk management system available today. CSi IntelleDocs leaves the doc prep, forms, and template mindset behind and leverages technology to deliver a new paradigm for how financial transactions are risk-managed and documented.

Finding the right partner with the right solutions to compliantly document financial transactions while mitigating the risk surrounding transactions is imperative in today’s marketplace.

Award-winning IntelleDocs™ solutions are proven in the market and are the compliance and documentation system selected and deployed by the two largest core processors and the largest Mortgage servicer in the United States.

Don’t Leave Your Financial Transactions to Chance

CSi understands the importance of continuously monitoring industry changes and trends that impact your financial institution. Our compliance professionals are constantly on alert for changes from a variety of sources: legislation, case law, administrative rules, regulations, and other governing authorities to provide you with the most up-to-date information. This supplies you with critical insight throughout the entire financial transaction, giving your institution a significant competitive advantage.

To do that, CSi combines more than 25 years of industry-leading financial transaction experience with one-of-a-kind technology solutions. Our highly skilled experts apply the rules, best practices, and changes into warranted compliance documentation, delivering remarkable financial transactions to you every time.

Our warranties cover all 50 states and the District of Columbia, increasing your confidence that transaction documents are enforceable and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The future of successfully documenting financial transactions involves applying technology in innovative ways to create solutions that bring together content, rules, best practices, processes, and policies that are flexible enough to meet your unique business needs.

When you must compliantly document your financial transactions and mitigate the risk surrounding those transactions, look for a partner who can deliver remarkable.

How Does CSi Add Value?

Working cooperatively with our business partners, CSi has pioneered new ways to produce and compliantly assemble transaction documentation that is easier and faster to integrate and maintain. These relationships allow us to apply our deep understanding of your business with advanced analytics, data validation, and risk mitigation to intelligently select and complete transaction documentation specific to your data and transaction.

Today’s demanding financial markets require partners that deliver remarkable service and support. Service and support are CSi’s core strengths. The key to that service is our people. These individuals provide expertise, knowledge and insight to analyze and interpret the constantly changing regulatory environment to deliver compliantly documented financial transactions.

We consistently deliver solutions with your specific needs in mind, and it is on this premise that we work with every customer. A one-size-fits-all solution is not acceptable in today’s sophisticated financial world. Our philosophy begins with you and your individual needs. We work to identify your unique operational, transaction and compliance issues and then tailor our service to fit those demands. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions that are identical to every other financial company because you are not identical to every other financial company.

What’s Next for CSi that Lenders Should Know?

CSi’s promise is to provide innovative transaction level compliance and risk management solutions of exceptional quality, designed to meet specific needs of financial industry, delivered in a timely and professional manner. This vision is driven by persistent curiosity to “find a better way” which fuels creation of new ways to apply technology to fulfill this promise.

With a continuous quest for excellence, CSi is committed to helping its business partners and clients stay at the forefront of the industry and prosper, thus creating shareholder value along the way. The personal relationships created are extremely productive – producing quantifiable results.