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    At Document Express, we bring you the industry’s most comprehensive suite of document preparation solutions. By supporting and managing your lending document needs, you can relax knowing we will ensure your documents are compliant and securely delivered on time, every time. Combining that expertise with state-of-the-art technology, we provide an engaging user experience with solutions that are truly best in class. We offer pre-application and initial disclosures, re-disclosure, closing, pre-closing and post-closing documents, commitment letters, adverse packages, high-cost/predatory lending analysis, eSign, eDelivery and flood certificates for lenders throughout the nation.
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Exceptional People…Extraordinary Results

What Are Document Express’ Services & Solutions?

Imagine a company you can trust to take care of all your compliant lending documents and secure delivery needs leaving you freedom to focus on what you do best, closing more loans. Imagine a stress free lending environment where rapidly changing compliance issues are resolved by a trusted partner before you have to worry about them. Imagine a team of exceptional people that are always there, whenever you need them, delivering extraordinary results. Imagine… Document Express.  Since 1992, Document Express has been bringing you the industry’s most comprehensive array of document preparation solutions. By supporting and managing your lending document needs, you can relax knowing we will ensure your documents are compliant and securely delivered on time, every time.

DX Initial Disclosures

Document Express brings you a tool to make Initial Disclosures safe, simple, fast and inexpensive. Placing compliant initial disclosures into the hands of your new loan applicants quickly is a must needed task. The Truth-in-Lending regulation requires that these documents be postmarked within a specific 72-hour timeframe. With the fast changing rules and regulations, satisfying this requirement can be a labor-intensive process involving preparation, legal fees, postage fees and late night runs to the post office. Preparation, delivery and return take time and can delay the origination process.  Document Express initial disclosure platform changes all of this.  Within a few seconds, your borrowers can view and sign their documents. The entire initial disclosure process is complete almost immediately. No paper, toner, labor, postage or delays and the process is legal and complete!

  • Complete 1003 screens
  • State specific screens
  • MDIA and other compliance tests
  • Deliver the documents electronically via our eSignature platform
  • eSignature service is fully compliant with all requirements set forth in ESIGN and UETA
  • Loan officers receive automatic and electronic notifications throughout the signing process

Fulfillment Services

Getting documents to your customers is key to your business processes. While the goal of doing that electronically is important, it doesn’t work in all situations.  You need an option to print and mail documents that cannot be delivered electronically. Document Express has a solution that is integrated with its electronic delivery system — and is automatic.

  • Embedded business rules determine when a document must be printed and mailed.
  • If an eSign user opts out or fails to pick up the documents in the allotted timeframe, the package is automatically encrypted, compressed, and sent to eLynx servers for processing and paper delivery to your applicants!
  • We know how important the relationship is that you have with your customers. That’s why all documents sent through the Document Express print services look like they came from you. Your organization logo and name is used with standard delivery materials to ensure consistent customer interaction.

DX Closing Documents

Document Express was the first document preparation company to allow you access to a 100% Internet based closing platform without requiring the download of clumsy or hard to use software.

  • Utilizes cutting edge SaaS model which requires no software or dedicated hardware on your part.
  • Enabled errors and warnings throughout the process to insure that you are in compliance with not only federal regulations, but with state laws, investor requirements, program requirements and your own business practices.
  • Ability to add custom documents, custom fields and custom warnings and errors that are built around your business rules.
  • Documents can be posted for immediate third-party pick-up at no additional charge!
  • Need to attach additional internal documents to your closing package (i.e. credit report, appraisal, etc) – no problem!
  • Seamlessly integrates with most leading loan origination systems, dramatically reducing input time and assuring information transfer accuracy which eliminates additional key strokes on your part while improving data-quality.
  • Loan documents are posted within seconds, anytime, and anywhere.
  • Ability to choose your own document stacking order.
  • Document packages are built dynamically so that you only receive the documents that are required for that particular loan file.  No need to remove documents that don’t pertain to your loan file.  Everything you need is right there for you!
  • Changed document notification – no which documents were changed when you make a change.
  • 100% web-based, so no need to download and install updates – your system is always working on the most current version!
  • Final MERS Registration available.

DX High Cost Predatory Lending Analysis

Document Express provides you with an easy to use and efficient process to filter all loans for high-cost and predatory lending thresholds. With one click, you have the peace of mind knowing that DX High Cost/Predatory Lending Analysis is working hard to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report that test for compliance with high cost regulations across all jurisdictions (federal, state, and local). At Document Express we are there for you every step of the way.

  • Federal 8% (HOEPA) High-cost by Points and Fees + APR
  • State High-cost by Points and Fees + APR
  • Local High-cost by Points and Fees + APR
  • Over/Under Disclosure by APR + Finance Charge to ensure that your High Cost/Predatory Lending Analysis is done right the first time.
  • FNMA 5% Points and Fees + FNMA HOEPA Points and Fees + APR,
  • TILA
  • Right of Rescission
  • State Prohibited Fee and Usury Analysis
  • OFAC checks
  • S & P Levels
  • State Covered loans

DX Additional Package Types

Did you ever wish there was somewhere to go to receive any additional disclosures or documents that are required before application, in between application and closing and/or after closing?  Your search has ended!  All package options have security built around them and are only  available to users who have rights to those package types.

  • Pre-Application Disclosure Package – pre-qualification letters and disclosures required to be given prior to taking an application, including any custom forms.
  • Re-disclosure Package – GFE and TIL and any custom forms.
  • Pre-Closing Package – includes lock agreements, commitment letters and agreements, HUD-1, any state disclosures required to be given prior to closing but after application and any custom forms.
  • Post Closing Packages – includes assignments, note allonges, transfer notices, goodbye letters, investor specific docs and any custom forms.

DX Secure Electronic Delivery

DX Secure Electronic Delivery from Document Express enables you, through the power of the Internet, to securely deliver mission critical documents whether initial disclosures, closing documents or other sensitive documents that contains highly confidential information within seconds.  Document Express takes its responsibilities in securing your mission critical information extremely seriously. You can count on DX Secure Electronic Delivery to deliver your important documents on time every time.

  • Allows you, your borrowers, your branches, title agents, attorneys or any authorized third party the ability to securely retrieve and print a document package online confidentially
  • Creates a highly secure environment, through a comprehensive security process including SSL 128-bit encryption, unlike e-mail which is an extremely unsecure environment and is not recommended for distributing sensitive or private information
  • Allows documents to be retrieved from the DX website without the need of any special software.

DX Flood Zone Determination

We provide you with the most efficient process to order your flood determinations. With one simple click, your request is sent through DX and a completed flood zone determination appears within seconds. When special circumstances arise and additional research is required, we will provide you with a full menu of flood zone determination services while working to keep the process simple and uncomplicated. The speed and ease of DX Flood Zone Determination continues to provide you cost effective, industry leading solutions that keep you ahead of the competition.

How is Document Express Truly Unique?


Our software is built on the latest Microsoft .NET framework, which allows us to offer our customers enhanced customization abilities– whether that be by adding custom forms, custom fields to the software to support any custom forms, additional warning and/or error messages based on the client’s business rules, creating a custom document stacking order, requiring users to  order  and pass a high cost/predatory lending analysis before closing documents can be ordered…. to private labeling of our software.  We have the most flexible document platform in the industry.

Customer Service

Our people make the difference. At Document Express, we understand that every lender has different needs and requirements and that your document provider should work alongside you. We personally take the time to understand the challenges you are facing and strive to find a closing and document solution that is right for you.  We assign a client implementation team when starting out, assist you with any challenges you encounter and answer all of your questions. Every document that you select is reviewed by our staff of highly trained and dedicated individuals.

Document Express’s team of experts has a genuine desire to deliver “Total Client Satisfaction.” We have the foresight to anticipate your needs as regulations change – often developing solutions months before a trend comes to fruition and the solution is needed. This foresight and proactive compliant lending document development and support provides you with the freedom to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing lending market. At Document Express, we create personal relationships with of our clients that last a lifetime. A relationship built on trust and reliability.


Our integrations are built around your LOS so that the LOS remains the system of record.  Order and retrieve your documents without ever leaving the LOS.

How Does Document Express Add Value?

Two words – Time and Money. By allowing Document Express to support and manage your lending document needs, you can save money by not having to invest in office space, hardware, legal fees, postage, paper, employee costs and software development, just to name a few.  With regulations constantly changing, the cost of just one compliance violation alone can be significant enough to put you out of business.  With Document Express, you can relax knowing we will ensure your documents are compliant, up to date and securely delivered on time, every time so that you have the freedom to focus on funding more loans profitably.

With our integrations being built around your LOS, this saves your users significant time from having to re-key data into a document system.  The ability to customize your document stacking order allows improved communication with title companies, and less time on the phone with processors and/or closers, potentially cutting your processing time in half.  Implementing a more efficient and compliant process allows users to close more loans every month, which in turn allows your company to be more profitable .

Whether you want just one of our services or all of them, we will provide you with a competitive individual rate or a bundled service rate.

What’s Next for Document Express that Lenders Should Know?

Lenders typically have no visibility or control over the closing process once the documents are prepared and sent to the closing agents.  Document Express is in the process of integrating with eLynx’s eCN (the electronic closing network) to address these challenges.   eCN allows lenders transparency and control of the closing workflow while significantly reducing the risk of loss due to fraud and compliance automatically built in.  With the closing process being time-sensitive and closing dates often changing, it is important for lenders, settlement agents, attorneys, and borrowers to all work together to close a real estate transaction.  Integrating our EliteDocs software with the eCN network will allow:

  • Settlement Agent Management – provides a mechanism for registering and validating closing agents.
  • eHUD – offers real-time HUD-1 collaboration between lenders and settlement partners to automate the HUD-1 approval process.  Lenders can instantly see differences between data in the GFE they delivered to the borrower and the HUD-1 being prepared by the closing agent.
  • Fraud Mitigation – provides protection against fraud perpetuated by borrowers taking out multiple loans for the same property. Sophisticated algorithms detect when multiple loans are in process for the same address before the closing, and automatically alert all lenders involved.

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