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    eSignSystems, a division of Wave Systems Corp., has thirteen years of experience helping the enterprise manage their business processes and transactions entirely online. The company is a leader in lifecycle management software for eDelivery, eSignature and eRetention; creating enforceable legally–binding electronic records (ie. contracts, documents, forms, etc.). The award-winning SmartSAFE is comprised of integrated components that provide the functionality necessary to meet the technical and legal requirements of transactions governed by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Standards and Procedures for Electronic Records and Signatures (SPeRS), and the Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA). In addition, SmartSAFE also complies with many of the international governance bodies as well.
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Innovation Simplified

What Are eSignSystems’ Services & Solutions?

Maintaining an electronically signed record is essential to the lifecycle of a legally binding transaction. Once created, these electronic records are verified for authenticity and are securely deposited in SmartSAFE. All records are verified and authenticated from eDelivery through eRetention; ensuring that the access or signing credential (i.e. digital certificate, username or password) is verified and that the records remain free from tampering. Additionally, the SmartSAFE continuously updates the status of the transaction’s execution for up-to-the-minute reporting purposes..

SmartSAFE also supports signer access to the user’s electronically or digitally signed documents as required by the ESIGN act. Users may access and print certified copies, while the actual archived, eSigned document is left untouched, meeting all legal and compliance requirements. SmartSAFE enables authorized individuals to manage, search, transfer and share electronic files, signed or unsigned, via the Web. All components within the SmartSAFE can be private-labeled for individual customer branding.

SmartSAFE provides three critical standard capabilities, which are listed below. Click on each SmartSAFE Component to read about each in more depth.

Optional modules are available to expand and enhance the capabilities of your SmartSAFE.

SmartSAFE has been deployed worldwide in financial services, insurance, government and healthcare sectors. SmartSAFE software can either be licensed for private-labeled, on-premise deployment or available through eSignSystems’ Solution Providers.
The power of the SmartSAFE is enhanced through SmartConnect® XML–based web services; permitting complete functionality and control of the SmartSAFE from your own applications or web portal. SmartConnect is available for virtually all features across our product line, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing enterprise workflow.
Technical Requirements
eSignSystems SmartSAFE server runs on a Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 or 2008, and communicates with Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 or 2008. SmartSAFE (enterprise) users access the system via Microsoft® Internet Explorer. Invitees access the VirtualRoom via any modern web browser on an Internet connected device.
Superior Service
Our PMP-certified implementation team members will guide your enterprise through every step of SmartSAFE deployment and integration. It’s our attention to detail and customer satisfaction that has earned eSignSystems success throughout the eDelivery, eSignature and eRetention industry.

How is eSignSystems Truly Unique?

eSignSystems has over thirteen years of experience helping the enterprise manage their business processes and transactions entirely online. Our award winning SmartSAFE™ enables organizations to create, sign, store, access and manage the life-cycle of legally binding electronic records (i.e.: contracts, documents, forms, eNotes, etc.). Part of our uniqueness is our past and present commitment and dedication to the mortgage industry:

  • Four years-eSignSystems named 2012,2011,2010 & 2009 “Top 50 Technology Service Providers” by Source Media
  • Recipient of 2009 “Lasting Impact“Award by Source Media
  • Kelly Purcell 2012 “MBA Tech All Star”
  • SmartSAFE® backbone eMortgage Industry via MERS eRegistry Tech Providers (approx. 35% of approved MERS eRegistry Tech providers have licensed SmartSAFE)
  • Approved for Fannie Mae eDelivery
  • Customer partnership provides major GSE eVault (private-labeled SmartSAFE)
  • BNYMellon provides first “eDocument Custodial Services” to the industry with private-labeled SmartSAFE
  • Wells Fargo Correspondent Channel; (approx. 40% of all eSign and eDelivery approved vendors licensed and private-labeled SmartSAFE)
  • Approved by all major lenders for eSignature; Franklin American, PHH etc.
  • Association memberships in IASA, MBA, MISMO, LOMA & ACORD Standards Group
  • Participation in FHA & IRS eSignature Committees
  • Initiated and co-chair of new MBA eNote Working Group
  • eSignSystems’ deployments are worldwide and include all types of financial services companies including insurance-carriers, banks, mortgage companies, investors, document custodians, brokers, credit unions and technology providers

eSignSystems’ business model is unique to the industry. SmartSAFE software can either be licensed for private-labeled, on- premise deployment or available through our Solution Providers. eSignSystems’ Solution Providers include every segment of the mortgage industry. Through these Solution Providers- thousands of mortgage companies and banks are using the technology today and don’t even know it. SmartSAFE has truly become a defacto standard in the mortgage industry today.

How Does eSignSystems Add Value?

In short, eSignSystems offers:

  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Reduced application processing time to less than 24 hours
  • Increase conversion of online home loan applications
  • Decrease processing costs
  • Competitive advantage
  • Additional selling time for mortgage professional

What’s Next for eSignSystems that Lenders Should Know?

In the past 6 months through our RSM (Relationship Strategy Management) process, the company approached some of its major customers and asked how eSignSystems can help to continue to grow eMortgage adoption. The message was the same – expand Investor acceptance of eNotes and take the mystery out of who is exactly accepting eDisclosures. eSignSystems set up a meeting at the Mortgage Tech Show with Rick Hill from the MBA and proposed a new work group be created to address customer concerns. The new work group was approved and several of eSignSystems’ customers have already joined! The new working group is titled “ Investor Acceptance of eNotes and eSignatures.” Companies like Xerox, Wells Fargo and BNY Mellon are among those joining. That is the kind of customer service that eSignSystems has and will continue to provide to its customers.

Additionally the company will continue its involvement in the FHA and IRS working groups and share progress and knowledge to customers.

The company’s involvement and expertise in the industry sets eSignSystems apart from its competitors as most are little to somewhat involved. This is all part of the company’s overall service strategy.

eSignSystems continues to add enhanced mobility and international functionality to the product. eSignSystems is happy to set up a personalized discussions to address specific product roadmap.

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