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    Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV) is a leading global technology provider serving the financial services industry, driving innovation in payments, processing services, risk and compliance, customer and channel management, and business insights and optimization.
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Life-of-Loan Support for Diverse Portfolios

What Are Fiserv’s Services & Solutions?

Secure Lending. From one-way document delivery to an online electronic vault for permanent storage of documents, the Secure Lending suite of solutions from Fiserv fits your needs and improves your productivity. Secure Lending capabilities streamline loan processes throughout the lending life cycle. The Secure Lending suite is comprised of three key components:

  1. Secure Disclosures – A solution that streamlines the document management processes by cutting the time spent on routine tasks. Secure Disclosures accelerates the disclosure process while creating a compliance audit trail for all versions of documents sent to borrowers.
  2. Secure Closing – A solution that avoids miscommunication at the closing table by allowing all participants to review information and closing documents. The use of digital signatures also gives lenders and servicers new methods of checking for document alterations post-execution and of confirming document validity, eliminating delays that can increase regulatory, financial and customer service risk.
  3. Secure Vault – A solution that maintains the integrity of electronic assets and manages loan files more effectively with real-time document access, delivery and storage. Secure Vault allows instant access through the Internet to easily store, maintain and transfer electronic loan files.

LoanComplete. A new solution from Fiserv that efficiently manages life-of-loan processes; captures and retains content; compares and routes data; and tracks documents. This minimizes loan processing time, improves portfolio value and reduces lender exposure. LoanComplete complements your existing loan origination, loan servicing, and regulatory compliance solutions by providing standardized workflow processing, enterprise content management and data analytics.

Nautilus®: Document Imaging. A solution that allows lenders and servicers to convert paper documents into electronic images and instantly access the documents to view, annotate, print, e-mail and fax — all from the convenience of your desktop.

How is Fiserv Truly Unique?

Paperless lending options from Fiserv result in significant ROI. These processes provide the means to efficiently control, document, accelerate and manage the hard costs of communication.

Secure Lending capabilities streamline loan processes throughout the lending life cycle.  The Fiserv single-vendor approach lets you adopt paper-free technology at a pace that suits your business requirements. The Secure Lending platform is easily integrated with software systems offered by Fiserv and other providers.  It is also fully integrated with the MERS eRegistry and eDelivery system for eClosing and eVaulting functions related to eNotes and eMortgages.

LoanComplete ensures compliance and automates time-consuming processes through enhancements to your existing loan origination, loan servicing and regulatory compliance systems. No matter what type of loans you process, LoanComplete captures, manages, processes and shares content throughout the life of each loan to eliminate ad hoc processing, improve quality and ensure compliance with current policies and regulations.

Nautilus: Document Imaging has powerful document imaging capabilities that increase productivity and enhance your lending practices. Point-and-click configuration enables customization to your business environment without programming.

How Does Fiserv Add Value?

Fiserv provides a complete solution or point approach that allows the implementation of paperless lending at a comfortable, cost-effective pace that can be migrated throughout all enterprise lending verticals.

Incremental deployment lowers the risk and lessens the impact to existing processes, optimizes the return on investment of new services, and presents new opportunities to promote the convenience and secure delivery of electronic lending. Whether a lender or servicer wants to augment an existing imaging strategy through the use of electronic signatures, or is just beginning its conversion to paperless lending, adopting a paper-free vision often involves a phased approach for each process.

As a business partner, Fiserv supplies the technology, business expertise and auxiliary services you need to leverage the benefits that paperless lending provides

Secure Lending

LoanComplete combines human-, document- and process-centric workflows, enterprise content management and current best practices to provide a turnkey solution. Standardized workflow processes for loan origination, loan servicing, regulatory compliance, secondary market sales and quality control integrate with your existing solutions to enhance and optimize your business.

Nautilus: Document Imaging saves time, reduces document storage costs, accelerates lending processes and streamlines processes by digitizing, standardizing and automating the entire loan process. This streamlined interface empowers users to have complete control over all phases of the imaging process: scanning, indexing, archiving and retrieving.

What’s Next for Fiserv that Lenders Should Know?

The Fiserv value proposition is to lower a financial institution’s costs and increase their capabilities through the efficient delivery of complex technology and processing services that could not be affordably developed on their own. As a result, Fiserv continues to focus on developing and delivering solutions that help financial institutions to increase their efficiency and build more loyalty within their customer base.

We also believe that developing close partnerships with clients nurtures a high level of respect and trust and provides continuity, regardless of the products or services. And clients agree. They regard us as experts in managing portfolios of any size and value the ability to use Fiserv systems and resources to handle peaks and valleys in their portfolios.

There has been a significant increase in focus across Fiserv business lines on uncovering opportunities to improve the customer experience. Immediate awareness and analysis of borrower information, including application, closing and payment transactions, is becoming a daily activity for lenders. To manage to the current landscape, Fiserv is doing three things:

  1. Improving controls for compliance and regulatory requirements
  2. Creating a holistic view of the customer
  3. Reducing redundant processes and services.