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    Mortgage Builder is the award winning provider of technology solutions for every step of the lending process. From mortgage lead management, PPE and CRM, to origination solutions all the way through servicing, we have a solution for every stage of the loan lifecycle.
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Next Generation Lending Technology

What Are Mortgage Builder’s Services & Solutions?

Architect, Mortgage Builder’s next generation loan origination platform,

is an end-to-end solution that allows for unlimited growth and flexibility.

With Architect, you have a solution that is built for the way you do business. From the ability to customize the solution to fit your business model and workflows, through to a full range of engagement options including SaaS in a fully browser base cloud environment, you have an LOS that fits your business needs. Architect provides all the tools you need for retail, wholesale, and correspondent loan production.

Blueprint, Mortgage Builder’s Electronic Document Management module

(EDM) is a fully integrated document management solution that lets you receive, share, store, retrieve, and deliver loan files in a completely paperless environment. Our virtual file cabinet removes the dependency on physical documents and provides organization wide, real-time access to a digital loan file.

Surveyance, Mortgage Builder’s Production Portal, provides solutions for lenders who are seeking an easily scalable solution for their mobile workforce. It  provides a privately branded, fully secured website for both retail and wholesale loan production.

LoanXEngine by Mortgage Builder is the feature leader in mortgage automation, pricing and CRM systems for mortgage professionals. LoanXEngine is the only solution to offer full eligibility, best execution pricing, CRM, lead management, rate watch, rate sheet generation and web point-of-sale in one web-based system.

Colonnade, Mortgage Builder’s award winning enterprise loan servicing and default management platform is designed to streamline the servicing, administration and management of your entire loan portfolio.  Extremely flexible and scalable, Colonnade is fully enabled for sub-servicing and private label servicing models. Colonnade is easily integrated with third-party applications including loan origination systems, core processing systems, data warehouses, inspection and property preservation companies, insurance companies and tax service providers.

How is Mortgage Builder Truly Unique?

Mortgage Builder, a privately held company, is proud to bring a suite of full loan lifecycle management solutions to the residential mortgage market. For lenders seeking a lead management solution, PPE or mortgage CRM solution to facilitate the front end processes of the lending cycle, Mortgage Builder offers the LoanXEngine Solution. It is the only solution to offer full eligibility, best execution pricing, CRM, lead management, rate watch, rate sheet generation and point-of-sale in one web based system. Lenders looking for a new LOS will also appreciate Architect, Mortgage Builder’s next generation LOS. Built using the latest technology, Architect is a comprehensive lending solution that allows for unlimited growth and flexibility throughout the origination process. When Architect is combined with Blueprint, Mortgage Builder’s EDM, and Surveyance for mobile origination, lenders can have all the tools they need to meet the demands of today’s mortgage market. Mortgage Builder has even taken it one step further with its Colonnade solution that seamlessly integrates with Architect. With the addition of Colonnade for loan servicing and the option for printing and mailing services, Mortgage Builder offers a solution for every step of the lending process start to finish.

How Does Mortgage Builder Add Value?

Mortgage Builder adds value to lenders in a multitude of ways. First, by offering a fully integrated end-to-end-to-end suite of lending solutions, we are able to streamline processes and enhance workflow. For lenders who have solutions in place and only need one of two of the Mortgage Builder offerings, we also seamlessly integrate with other systems and offer over 80 existing partnerships. Combine that with embedded closing documents included in our LOS Architect and a host of other features included throughout the Mortgage Builder Suite of Solutions, and lenders receive and exceptional value when they partner with Mortgage Builder.

What’s Next for Mortgage Builder that Lenders Should Know?

Mortgage Builder continues to be a leader in mortgage technology. We continue to build value into the solutions we provide. With the platforms our solutions are built on, we continue to enhance existing features and build on new ones to leverage all the capabilities it has to offer. Mortgage Builder has always been and will continue to be open to partnerships and strategic moves that enhance the value we can provide to our customers. (17829)