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    The Turning Point is the premier provider of "Intelligent Marketing Solutions" for the mortgage Industry. The company's award-winning system, MACH3, can be up and running in just a few days, delivering powerful strategic benefits across the enterprise.
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Intelligent Marketing

What Are The Turning Point’s Services & Solutions?

With mortgage marketing attracting greater scrutiny than ever before, lenders are faced with the twin challenges of enhancing competitiveness while staying legal. MACH3 – The Turning Point’s SaaS-based marketing platform – rises to the challenge. MACH3 is the mortgage industry’s only compliance-centric corporate CRM and marketing solution, providing a controlled environment in which all players in the marketing process are able to collaborate in driving high-quality business to the point of sale quickly, efficiently and compliantly.

How is The Turning Point Truly Unique?

MACH3 – The Turning Point’s SaaS-based “Business Opportunity Engine” – is the mortgage industry’s only compliance-centric corporate marketing solution, powering superior performance along two key dimensions.

First, MACH3 uniquely models the entire marketing process:

  • Data entry and enhancement
  • Database management/mining
  • Web-based content creation
  • Marketing materials management
  • Fast/secure multi-media fulfillment
  • Real-time tracking and reporting

Second, MACH3’s collaborative environment uniquely leverages the expertise of all players in the marketing process, including:

  • Corporate/regional management
  • Compliance / legal counsel
  • Branch management
  • Business strategists
  • Creative specialists
  • Brand managers

How Does MACH3 Add Value to a Lender’s Business?

Mortgage marketing is attracting greater scrutiny than ever before. Lenders need to ensure their company’s brands and products are correctly and compliantly communicated.

How can this be done efficiently and consistently? How do lenders create a controlled environment in which genuine creativity and individual initiative are able to flourish, while at the same time enhancing competitive advantage and maintaining regulatory compliance?

MACH3 – The Turning Point’s award-winning marketing technology – rises to the challenge by driving high-quality business to the point-of-sale: quickly, efficiently and compliantly.

What’s more, MACH3 incorporates the mortgage industry’s leading CRM for maximizing originator performance and productivity. And for executives MACH3 provides multiple management control features – including authorization loops, system alerts and a comprehensive audit trail.

In summary, MACH3 is the mortgage industry’s only SaaS marketing solution that enables lenders to:

  • Increase market share
  • Stay legal and competitive
  • Grow profitable relationships
  • Protect corporate branding
  • Attract and retain top talent

What’s Next for The Turning Point?

MACH3 has brought together data storage, web hosting and multi-media production to present a secure and always-available system for creating and executing compliant marketing, maximizing the value of key business relationships, and providing anywhere anytime access to critical information via smart phone, tablet and PC.

MACH3 continues to provide mission-critical services such as custom marketing, content libraries, sales collateral, data augmentation, contact management and multi-dimensional database segmentation. The system also meets and exceeds client needs with respect to the regulatory environment. Features and functions have been added to ensure lenders can harness the power and efficiency of MACH3 at the corporate level while, if they choose, allowing originators the freedom to be individually creative and increasingly effective in today’s competitive marketplace.

In addition to these continuously expanding capabilities, many of MACH3’s functional classes and innovative features are being re-factored into web services, forming the basis of a growing services catalogue. More complex operations can be orchestrated using Microsoft WWF, allowing for complex business functions to be executed synchronously or asynchronously by The Turning Point or via client developed applications.

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