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    Xerox Mortgage Services provides an award-winning, cloud-based, intelligent collaborative network that accelerates loans throughout the entire lifecycle, from origination to post-closing to servicing. Reaching more lenders, underwriters, investors and other parties than anyone else, BlitzDocs® delivers advanced paperless capabilities and provides tremendous flexibility in its ability to be configured to your workflow and integrated with current systems. A subsidiary of Xerox, we leverage the power of our sister companies to provide document indexing, optical character recognition (OCR) and print and mail capabilities. Xerox Mortgage Services provides mortgage companies improved scale and greater efficiency. Having provided BlitzDocs to hundreds of lenders over the past decade, our proven experience and intelligent model ensures clients an eMortgage roadmap that enables them to go “e” at a pace their company can handle.
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BlitzDocs, An Intelligent Collaborative Network

What Are Xerox Mortgage Service’s Services & Solutions?

It’s about more than imaging. It’s about more than streamlining loan processes through electronic intelligent collaboration. Delivered as a cloud-based collaborative network designed specifically for the mortgage industry, BlitzDocs® accelerates the loan process through the entire lifecycle – from origination to post-closing to servicing – by connecting the industry’s many disparate parties.

Our Solutions

  • BlitzDocs: Delivered as a cloud-based system, it is flexible to meet your needs. Core to the award-winning solution it is electronic loan folder (eFolder™) that mirrors a traditional loan folder. With the multi-tier security, a brandable interface, an open system that works with your trading partners, and the ability to manage and collaborate or paper-sourced images, native electronic documents and data – BlitzDocs increases collaboration and accelerates the loan process.
  • BlitzDocs XE: Brings external third parties such as borrowers and closing agents into the fold with a secure portal to access, view and perform required actions on documents. By enabling electronic consent, acknowledgement and signatures  of eDisclsoures, and eConsent, eAcknowledgements, BlitzDocs XE drives out costs, improves communications and accelerates the time to funding.
  • BlitzDocs eVault: With MERS eRegistry connectivity, the BlitzDocs eVault is the industry’s largest hosted eVault (or online repository). Lenders benefit from secure long-time archival, delivery of eNotes to MERS for registration, certification of eNotes and the ability to service transactions electronically.

With Xerox Mortgage Services’, you benefit from an intelligent model, flexible solutions and the breadth of solutions that Xerox can provide.

How is Xerox Mortgage Services Truly Unique?

With Xerox Mortgage Services, you benefit from:

  • An intelligent model, including workflow that mimics your existing processes and the ability to manage paper, paper-sourced images, electronic documents and data specifically for your trading partners.
  • Flexible solutions, including a secure and highly configurable approach to meeting your business’ needs, cradle-to-grave workflow and the ability to manage exceptions.
  • A trusted provider that has served the mortgage industry for more than a decade, is part of the Xerox family, and can guide you to a true eMortgage at a pace your company can handle.

But don’t take it from us, take it from our customers and from the industry. For more than a decade we have been recognized as a Top Service Provider for our exceptional service and continual innovation, and members of our management team have been noted as industry leaders. View all of our industry awards.

How Does Xerox Mortgage Services Add Value?

The mortgage industry is a highly dynamic market, with rates changing constantly, regulations continually being changed or added, and lenders relentlessly striving to gain a competitive edge. Xerox Mortgage Services helps you meet your business goals by providing a solution designed specifically for your business needs – configured to mimic your workflow, support your multi-tier security needs and to take you paperless at a rate you can handle.

And with the term “paperless” having many different meanings to different people (request a copy of our Path to Paperless Survey Results to get more details about this), we believe that it comes down to achieving real ROI through electronic collaboration with the industry’s disparate parties. Below are just some of the ways your company can benefit from eCollaboration:

  • Reduce paper costs: Eliminate costs and fees associated with paper, toner and express mail
  • Decrease security risks: Eliminate unofficial copies by taking documents to the cloud
  • Increase collaboration: Promote transparency through secure anytime, anywhere collaboration with your co-workers and trading partners
  • Support compliance: Rest easy knowing that a detailed audit trail is capturing all actions taken on a loan; meet current requirements such as ESIGN, UETA, RESPA and UMDP
  • Improve communications: Deliver and receive disclosure documents electronically, support eSignatures and provide support for exceptions such as wet-signatures and opt-outs
  • Accelerate loan process: From electronic collaboration to tools such as automated document recognition and annotations, BlitzDocs eliminates manual steps and reduces wait times to speed the loan process from origination to post-closing to servicing.

What’s Next for Xerox Mortgage Services that Lenders Should Know?

Having served the industry for more than a decade, Xerox Mortgage Services understands its complex dynamics and the need for constant innovation. Knowing that “paperless” is no longer about basic imaging capabilities, Xerox Mortgage Services is constantly growing its network and looking for ways to further drive value for clients. (4511)